Corporate & Special Events Production

Event production requires not only technical expertise and the ability to build the event, but it also demands an enhanced sensibility to the stylistic desires of the client. From a Fortune 500 company banquet to an informal office party, from a fundraiser to an outdoor public event, Conder, Inc. has successfully designed and produced events in almost every environment. In addition to our standard production elements and labor, we can source custom materials and personnel, to make sure your event is designed and run exactly how it was envisioned.



Conder Inc and C&J Enterprise were recently tasked with producing a mezzanine solution for SHOTO Restaurant in Washington DC. This was a challenging project to get to completion but working with the SHOTO team was great and at the end of it they had what they needed. We wish them much success and look forward to visiting when they are open.

Thanks to Xtreme Structures for the design and manufacturing help.
Thanks to TAI Engineering for the install help.

Areas We Serve

Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and will travel throughout the United States and Abroad


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